We are the Helping Hands From Kerala.We motivating the donors and helping the peoples around kerala who needs blood by following the motto "Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something".Donate Blood Save Life! Keralabloodnet.in was a dream of Basil vengola.

Our Mission is that to promote and spread the awareness among the people to donate blood,to make every people a voluntary blood donor,thereby fulfilling every blood request.

Our Vision is to build up a better and safer tomorrow.

Founder's Story
My journey starts here ! When i was in 11th standard; my father was suffering from prolonged fever and as the condition was more serious got admitted under critical care unit. Yes, that was the turning point of my life.One day morning, nurse told me to arrange 6 units of A+ve blood for my father , i became stressed out and confirmed again "you want me to get 6 units of BLOOD; why??!!" She replied, yes your father's situation is little serious and requires 6 units of blood every day because he is having a very low platelet count so it has to get transfused immediately in order to reduce the complications I became more tensed and was not known what to do. I tried to connect with my friends & family members and through them contacted their friends to get an A+ve blood. This continued many days.
For the first time in my life i realised that blood is this much important and is very difficult to get cross matched.(as i am from a non medical background i was not known about the technical background of human physiology).That time i took a strong decision in front of ICU that I should do something to resolve the problem, because someone in every 15 minutes is suffering from hematological problems and might need blood or its component transfusion. As a youth and as the upcoming generation is in our hands I should find some solutions for the problems.
I think a lot and created a facebook group in the name of "FB BLOOD BANK" and added my friends ,told friends to add their friends and that's how the network is being created ! If anyone needs blood they can post the details in fb blood bank facebook group which will help to find donors easily. Later on the membership got doubled.. tripled..and helped a lot of people. Then i created a website allowing Blood Donors to register and store their data to easier the processing by following the motto "Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something". Now it is turning 6 years and I am proud for the last 6 years of journey that I am also the one who is responsible for keeping the smiling face of others at certain times . In this occasion i would like to thank everyone for the great support and wishes to create every single person to a donor; because tomorrow you might the reason behind the smile of someone else. It would be better if the things which we are losing can create the life of others, right??!!. So be a blood donor, and cherish others smiles.
Thank you

Basil vengola